No Addiction Powder Faq's



Answer – Yes NO ADDICTION is pure ayurvedic product with no side effect

Ques.2.- How does No Addiction Powder works?

Answer- No Addiction powder works through balancing the human’s emotional, mental and physiology responses providing relief from the addiction of various harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarette and tobacco.

Ques.3.- Does it require to be used continuously?

Answer- No addiction powder The effect of No Addiction lasts long. However, if addict starts taking the addictive substance again or doesn’t quit completely, it can be repeated.

Ques.4.- Can people with serious medical illnesses take it?

Answer-No Addiction powder Though it is a safe and completely herbal preparation, anyone with any serious medical ailment should consult his/her physician before taking it.

Ques.5.-How to use NO Addiction Powder ?

Answer-No Addiction powder Take one spoon of Powder twice a day with luke warm water or it can further be added in food also.

Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person.